Coast to Coast

Tips For Selling Your Home Faster and For More Money

  • What does an agent do for you? Find out here.
  • What's selling? View the last 30 houses sold in Tampa Bay or the last 30 condos sold in Tampa Bay. A Realtor® is a skilled negotiator who will make sure you get the most money for you home.
  • Get an idea of your homes worth. To get a general idea, we suggest you search other homes for sale and what has sold in your neighborhood in the past 12 months.
  • Contact a professional Realtor® for a free consultation on market pressure, marketing ideas and general information on the home selling process.
  • Find the best time to sell. If you are moving or have other motivation to sell right away, a professional real estate agent can get your home on the market and sold as quickly as possible. Generally, spring is the best time to sell, as almost 40% of all homes on the market in the spring sell within 30 days.
  • Prepare you home for potential buyers. While large empty spaces are okay, sometimes filling the room with rental furniture can give buyers an idea the homes potential. Open curtains and allow light in. Repair/paint damaged walls and countertops. A well-maintained home sells faster.
  • Get professional photos of your home. Our real estate agents know the best photographers in town, and will generally perform this service for you, but sometimes sellers want to have more control and know the best-selling points of the home in order to sell as quickly and for as much as the market will allow.
  • Ask one of our real estate agents for a comparative market analysis, which includes local sales of homes comparable to yours over the past year. Visit open homes for sale to see if you are priced competitively. When in doubt, start with a lower asking price. If you underprice by $8,000, multiple buyers will often bid up the price and you home will sell faster than languishing on the market for months because it’s overpriced. Your best outcome always involves multiple buyers.
  • You'll only get one chance to make a first impression with the photos and price of your home. Your listing will get 5x more traffic in its first week than it will a month later. For most areas, we recommend a Thursday or Friday debut to catch the attention of homebuyers who are online deciding what to see over the weekend. Homes that hit the market on Thursday sell for more money and faster than those listed on any other day. A typical $500,000 house will fetch about $3,000 more if it's listed on a Thursday instead of a Sunday.
  • Your listing will automatically appear on the MLS and Redfin.com, but ask your agent to post it to Zillow and Trulia as well; it doesn't always show up there automatically. Check that your home is mapped correctly by every website.
  • If you list with a Century 21 Coast to Coast Agent, your home is featured on our website, in emails, and in our mobile apps tripling traffic to your site.
  • If you hold an open house on the first week of the home's debut. It's likely that the best-looking and best-priced homes are most often shown off right away, and the ones still left on the market after several weeks are held open to drum up more interest. Bottom line: if you can't hold an open house right away, or if you don't want to have one, don't sweat it. It's likely that the correlation between selling success and a debut-week open house has more to do with having a desirable home offered at a good price.
  • The fact is, once you have your home on the market, you're playing a waiting game. Your agent should schedule an open house and get feedback from buyers who tour your home. When you get an offer, they'll monitor the inspection and appraisal process, and handle negotiations and closing.
  • Finally, don't underestimate the importance of having a professional real estate agent handle the intricacies of home selling. There are many legal, financial and disclosure issues that are often not appreciated at the beginning of home sales. Ask your prospective real estate agent questions about the home selling process to get a feel for the professionalism and knowledge your agent has. Remember, your agent is your representative in the home selling process, so having a knowledgeable, professional Realtor is paramount.